Hey lovely,

I’m Lila (pronounced the same way as Lilah or Lyla NOT Leela), and this is my Impractical guide to living a joyfully imperfect life.  

This about page is a joyfully impractical and imperfect guide to getting to know me and what this blog is all about.

Why Imperfect?

Because it's the imperfections that make things truly deeply beautiful, plastic mass-manufactured insta-perfect lives are fun for escapism but dealing into the chaos if real life is where the true joy is at.

Shouldn't it be a practical guide?

It sure should if I was going to give you how to live your awesome life my way posts every week, but that's just not me and really  I don't think that's you either.  No one truly has it so together they can tell you the perfect way to live your life for maximum love, fun or productivity.  I'm all about sharing what sparks joy in me and hopefully you'll find some bits that inspire you and others that connect you with the way you want to live your life.

I saw you in the street / at a blogging event / but wasn't sure it was you. I thought you had ... Colour hair, what's up with that?

Currently I'm a blonde, but some times I’m a brunette and others a redhead (or blue, or lilac, you get the picture). No matter what colour my hair is I always have a bit of an attitude and an impulsive mouth that often gets me in trouble. You could call me the Linda Evangelista of blogging, but unfortunately for me I have to wake up for far less than $10k a day.

So what do you wake up for?

Since I had children a slight breeze is enough to wake me up but I get out of bed and practise the art of balancing motherhood with work, art and the continual search for ME, I got lost in the laundry pile years ago but I'm sure I'll find myself eventually.

I also develop my own recipes, take thousands of photos and intentionally mishear lyrics to popular songs. Around here you'll see all that and reviews and my point of view on living life your own way.

You live near Melbourne / Sydney / Perth right?  

No I actually live in a very old crumbling, sometimes tumbling down, teeny tiny house full to the brim with chaos and love with my adored adorable husband. Our little pack resides in the desert oasis of Mildura, a place blessed with lovely food, kind people and stinking hot summers. I love to travel, but always panic when I have to and especially love to connect with other people, but also panic a bit when I have to.

You change things so often around here, you must be one of those people who thrives on challenge and variety

 I adore change, but only if I'm the one initiating it, try to change something when I'm not ready and watch how deep I can dig my heels in!

You're all for freedom of expression, so I can say whatever I want in the comments or on your social media platforms can't I?

 I'm an avid answerer of comments and love respectful & robust discussion, points of view that differ from mine are always welcome. However, comments or ideologies that are bigoted, racist, or in any way intolerant will however be dealt with as I see fit, Wolff by name wolf by nature.

Why do you look like you're being chased into a fig tree in your profile picture?

Honestly, I hate taking my own photo and I rarely smile because I hate my teeth, so I have to make getting a headshot amusing to me. It's also an attempt at a comedic homage to all those glorious Insta-hotties who look super cute rolling in fields and hidden in bunches of beautiful peonies, and is in no way mocking them I adore them but I'll never be them.

So now, tell me about you...?


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