A bear went walking

My little run of being run down hasn't quite finished yet, I've been putting off doing anything waiting to get better to create. But an afternoon spent in the lovely company of Annie at Fine and Sunny and Sophie of Her Library Adventures creating a lovely little window display for my favourite shop has me spinning that around.

You see even though I didn't feel 100% I forgot just how tired and unwell I felt while I was pottering away creating. 

Instead of waiting to be well to create, I will create to be well

The satisfaction of actually completing something, telling a story through a display and just getting out of my own mind for a few hours, well it's so much better than waiting until I can create something perfect.  Instead it's about embracing the imperfectly perfect, embracing now and not waiting for the right time, all those cliches that sound great but can be hard to absorb into real life. I have so much more to say on this but with current energy levels those thoughts will just have to be dripped out a little at a time to you rather than in one epic virally shared blog post, because why wait?

So today instead of a longer film that I had planned to make with the assistance of my gorgeous new tripod, I finished creating this short little story of a glittery bear, hope it brightens your day. 

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