All in good time

All in good time via Lila Wolff

Sometimes, even when you know you're right, doubt creeps in. You hear others' words and wonder, worry that they are right and the time will never come. 

For thirteen hundred and twenty nine days this little peach has slept beside me, tiny hands entwined, tiny deadly feet kicking, and suddenly that is over. 

"I will sleep in mine bed mama" and her mind made up for the last five nights she has slept soundly on her own. All of a sudden despite the exhausting nights it's too soon, she's growing, securely attached just as we had hoped, had designed and yet it's too too soon.  But still I peer in the doorway and see her sprawled out in her bed, or that one night on the floor and I know too soon for me is exactly right for her.  I sleep not so well as she does, on high alert worrying with her so far away, one ear open at the ready, but not needed. 

Then the morning arrives and with it the heavy pelting of those tiny feet up the hallway to throw herself in bed with me arms around my neck, proud of her milestone achieved "I did it! I really really sleeped!"

I have her joy to comfort me as she separates just a little from me, that and her sweet words each evening "sing me to sleep mama, I need you"

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