An awesome thing happened on the weekend

Lila Wolff Most Popular Alumni

On Saturday I caught a teeny tiny plane for a super (bumpy and) fast trip to Sydney. 

From the teeny tiny plane I went directly to my teeny tiny room at the sweetly clean and serene Mary MacKillop place. I stretched out and enviously eyed the lovely harbour views popping up across instagram, views that I didn't manage to secure, despite that my accommodation was a lovely little peaceful bubble of space. The afternoon was frittered away waiting for texts that never came and the gala to begin, and after spreading our getting ready across hours I slowly clambered down the hill in my treacherously high heels clinging fiercely to the retaining wall to meet the lovely Sonia, Tessa and Jayde who whisked me away to the event.

We arrived and I drank in the stunning views of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, at the iconic yet creepy mouth of Luna Park.  We made a short trip up an infinitesimally small red carpet, and entered the perfectly located Crystal Ballroom.  I teetered around in my super high heels, still being the smallest there, doing my best to ignore my social anxiety and actually get to know the lovely people there. I finally got to meet the beautiful Carolyn, Lisa and Shani who I had met long ago online but got to meet in person along with other Blog With Pip graduates Rachel and Brydie.  I also got to meet the gorgeous Sash who I have long had a creative crush on, what's more I got to see the gorgeous Shani and Sash take out amazing and well deserved awards, with Shani taking out her category and Sash the coveted Ford Thinking prize (which I wish there were two of so that Bec could have been rewarded for her stunning videos).  I met a ton of others that I've talked to online, or just observed in passing and marvelled at how we know each other without knowing each other.

I was actually so absorbed in conversation with Sash when I heard my name called I had to do a double take, as I timidly made my way to the stage I had fleeting fears that I'd be one of those people who think they've been called up but have actually just misheard.   Because I was shaking like a leaf my speech consisted of two fairly ineloquent lines, thanking my fiercely supportive and loyal friends, followers and family who were the reason that I was up on stage.  I also got the amazingly fun opportunity to see my donation to Oxfam handed over in the form of a giant cheque, in an amount I couldn't have hoped to deliver on my own.

And really I couldn't have done any of this on my own, for each and every person that spent their time clicking once to those I know spent a lot of time clicking I know that's who the credit for this amazing win is due.  Those people who invested their time in showing that they believe in what I am doing and what I long to do just amaze me with their generosity. 

Of course what I'm about to do because of their actions, is forge ahead making some beautiful changes in my life and hopefully grow a little business. For that I have to say I am eternally grateful also to the generosity of Garnier Australia who sponsored my award and of course Kidspot and Ford for making Voices of 2015 another special year in blogging.

So thank-you all for being there, for keeping me going on the many occasions I was sure I would give up, and here's to work hard to make next year a year both you and I can be proud of.

Dress: Asilio - Welcome to the Dollhouse
Shoes: Windsor Smith - Gillie