Coming up apples

apple via Lila Wolff

Eve's apple tree grows steadily in our front yard. It was the first of the birthday trees, planted to celebrate the safe passage of Eve through her first year.  A year that began with her beautiful birth in the water, that included two moves, one interstate, settling in to our tiny imperfect home in enough time to be settled and ready to celebrate and put roots down, literally.

In it's first season it remained bare, in the second it bore three apples, the next five, and so far this year it is working on six lovely rounded red fuji apples. This will be the first year that the apples will be picked for eating by me, having been moved to allow our tree three growing seasons in the soil of our home to strengthen and grow before harvesting.

Somehow still more flowers continue to appear and the bees cheerfully buzz around them with whispered promises of even more fruit. The lone productive tree in our front garden, with only the lightening stricken lemon tree and it's many green lemons showing signs of promise in the back. One day the blood orange, quince and fig will join them in bringing food from our suburban garden to kitchen.

I wonder if we will still live here then.