Dairy-free Rhubarb Curd

I know that with my over-abundance of lemons a dairy-free Lemon curd seems like it would have been the obvious recipe to get together for you, and actually I have made some really, really delicious lemon curd with some of my lemons. But, I also had to cut back my ever growing rhubarb plant to prepare it for separation and thought when not try to make something a little different? I had no idea that it was going to be such a pretty pink concoction. 

Funnily enough when you cut artificial colours out of your diet pink is one of the colours you immediately see less of. But the beauty of losing the fake pinks is that they definitely show up vibrantly and more beautiful when using red fruits and berries in cooking. My Strawberry and Mint ice-cream was the first time I saw just how vibrant natural red pigments are, but this recipe blows that one out of the water when it comes to how dense and yet bright the pink is.

It's a great treat to spread on english muffins or toast, especially for your little ones who will love the novelty of having "pink" for breakfast, and without any of those yuck artificial nasties jammed in there!

Rhubarb & Vanilla Curd (dairy-free) by Lila Wolff

This is a super simple recipe that won't take you long to make, even if you've never made jams or curds or any kind of preserves before. I've included a cute little how to video to show you just how easy it is!


540 grams Rhubarb
Juice 2 small lemons
4 Eggs
250 grams Nuttelex
250 grams Raw Sugar
1 teaspoon Vanilla bean extract (I use Queen brand with seeds)


Wash and chop your rhubarb. 
Place in a medium saucepan over a medium heat with lemon juice. Stir until rhubarb has begun to break down, add sugar and stir until sugar has dissolved.
Add nuttelex a few chunks at a time and continue stirring until melted and combined through. Stir through vanilla extract.
Reduce heat to low, beat eggs and add to saucepan, stir until thoroughly combined. 
Remove from heat and process in blender until smooth.
Pour into sterile jars and store in refrigerator or freezer.

Best Served:

To eager little ones who feel like they're getting something extra special, with this they are.