Disney Tips #3 - Feel the Force and do it anyway

Even though ground has been broken for the new Star Wars section of Disney, there's at least a couple of years before the area is complete and open.

It's not all bad news though, Disney has been smart enough to start moving elements of their new Star Wars property on to the property. 


If you have a little one Star Wars fan between the ages of 4 and 12 signing them up for Jedi Training is an absolute must!

Trials of the temple - Jedi Training

If your little Jedi is keen on training it is really important to head to the sign up area at the kiosk to the left of the Star Wars Launch Bay EXIT as soon as you get to the park in the morning.  There are several sessions of training a day but the places fill up at light speed.  Once signed up you'll get a ticket with a time slot to bring back with you, kind of like a Fastpass, don't lose it and don't show up late.

Once there your Jedi will be issued with a training robe and taken off with a group of other trainees and Jedi Masters and you'll be sent to the temple viewing area to wait for them. 

The training is super cute and has a great show to go with it which makes it well worth watching. 

Want to see?  Just watch the video below.

Once the trials are over your Jedi has to turn in their robe and light sabre, but they get an awesome little badge and you can always head over to make their very own lightsaber at... 

The Star Trader 

Packed to the gills with all kinds of Star Wars and Disney merch The Star Trader has something for everyone, but the key draw card for the newest Jedi in our family was building her own lightsaber.  You can choose all kind of configurations and of course they light up and make  all the right wooshing noises. 

Bigger Jedi's with a bigger bank account can even splash out and buy themselves a Force FX saber here. Even with the exchange rate down the price seems better than what I have seen these for in Australia.

Of course if you're looking for something a little more unique or on the memorabilia end of Star Wars goods to take home you should head over to...

The Launch Bay 

The Launch Bay has more upmarket Star Wars goods including super detailed, and super pricey, costumes, signed photos and cool models.  It also has some great replica pieces on display including Rey's speeder, costume and BB-8 (or as Eve knows him Baby Ape).  



In addition as we realised when we were waiting for a special order to be printed you can also line up to Meet and Greet with some Star Wars Characters, the night we checked this out there were two choices.  Kylo Ren and Chewbacca, we chose Chewie and I'm pretty sure he was the superior choice. 

The hugging Wookie 


While I opted out of having my photo taken with him, even I didn't escape the room without a hug, who knew the Wookie likes to hug so much?  Maybe if he gave Kylo a squeeze he wouldn't have turned out so Emo?

Just before our hug break we managed to get the special order item we had been waiting for. 

Dtech on Demand 

While there are Dtech stands scatter in and out of the park, the one in the Launch Bay is obviously geared towards Star Wars.   

With Dtech on Demand you can choose the phone type you want a case for, the art you want on it and even personlise it to have your name on. Perfect for those of us that never find anything pre made with our name on. 

Once you've made your selections and paid at the counter you're told to come back in 10-15 minutes to collect your item.  In our case the case wasn't ready when we got back, but with plenty to look at in the Launch Bay it really wasn't a big deal to wait a little longer. 

There is one Star Wars themed area I would say isn't worth the effort and that is the

Galactic Grill 

Despite some cute puns and glowing drinks the money you shell out to eat here is not worth the inflated prices, skip it unless you are just desperate to part with your money.

Finally, but not the final thing you should do 

Is jumping on the Star Tours ride, this ride gets busy and does have Fastpass so if you get there early enough either jump in the line after signing up your Jedi or grab a Fastpass before they run out. 

Reminiscent of one of my favourite rides in Tokyo (the now defunct) Storm Rider, you're taken on a virtual tour flying through the Star Wars Galaxy. It's a lot of fun and the droids that interact with you while you're in the line are pretty awesome too. 

Even though the Star Wars related area is tiny in comparison to the eventual 14 acres that are being allocated it's definitely a fun start and a good sign of the quality of things to come.  

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