Disney Tips #4 - Do you want to meet a snowman?

Have a Frozen fan in the family? Disney's California Adventure has some awesome treats in store for you. 

If you're taking advantage of an Extra Magic Hour then you can't get a lot of advantage when it comes to the Frozen features but they can jump you a jump on the lines. 

Unless everyone in the family is desperate to Meet and Greet Anna and Elsa then I would suggest the following to ensure you get to say hi to the Princesses and get tickets to the show:

In the last quarter of an hour of the E.M.H. ONE parent take the Frozen fans to the line (which will already be building) at the Animation Academy and begin the wait.


In the meantime the other parent should take all of the park tickets and head to the line for Fastpasses to Frozen Live at the Hyperion. There is no real advantage in having E.M.H. for this line as you will have to wait outside the rope drop with the rest of the people wanting to see the show, but if you want to see the show (and unless you absolutely loathe Frozen and theatre in general you WANT to see this show) you need to line up and get a Fastpass because they will sell out. 

The line will be somewhere behind all those people down there.


Princess Meet and Greet 

Once you've waited in the outside line for Anna and Else for a while, you get to move inside and wait in another line! This is a pattern with the meet and greet lines for popular characters you will on average wait in three different lines while you wait.  At least once you're inside the Animation Academy there are a lot of huge screens playing interesting scenes from Disney movies to keep you distracted while you wait. 



Once it's your turn you get a few minutes to chat, have the princesses sign your autograph book (if you've brought one) and get your photo taken. 

You'll notice that in this and any session the light is very yellow, I think this is in order to get you to pay for the photo pass to get the professional photos that are taken for you. Which is totally fine, or you can take your own photos and tweak it with a blue filter. I've done some minimal tweaking on the above photo and once we get home to my Mac I'll adjust it a bit further before printing it out. 

Meeting Olaf 

There was also an option to meet Olaf but we skipped this as the time slot didn't work with the show and other Fastpasses we had in play that day, so I guess we didn't want to meet a snowman that badly. 

 Frozen live at the Hyperion

You'll notice on your Fastpass you can start lining up for your allocated show about an hour before it starts, unless you really love standing in line or are desperate for a particular seat in your allocated section, don't stress about this, fifteen minutes before the show time still meant about twenty five minutes of waiting in line and our seats were awesome. 

I don't have images of the show itself due to the lighting, but I can tell you it was amazing, you'd pay pretty handsomely to see this level of production outside of the park and (excluding the fact that you pay to get into the park) it's totally free.

They did have to halt the show for a few minutes due to a technical difficulty but it was a super short pause and was the show really truly was absolutely amazing so it was no big deal.

Here's a little snippet to show you exactly the kind of spectacular it was. 

There aren't any rides that are Frozen based and the Frozen section isn't as extensive as the Star Wars one but you can get all kinds of frozen Merchandise in the stores, including a variety of Frozen Minnie Ears, one of which Eve got. 

Really out of all of it the show is the absolute highlight and more than worth all the lining up required, if you're looking for something more in the Frozen department I believe that there will eventually be a whole section dedicated to it at DisneySea in the future; going on how awesome DisneySea is it will be well worth the trip to Tokyo.


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