Eve's tiny treasure filled room

If I thought putting a tiny room together to feel spacious and have adequate storage on a budget was the biggest challenge I faced in getting Eve's room finished, I had totally underestimated the challenge of photographing it well enough to do it justice.

Instead you get to see the room as best I could manage squeezing into each corner to capture it's teeny charms for you.

Building Eve's room (as for all the rooms in the house) began with stripping the walls down to bare studs, we exchanged some small oddly low windows for these two beautiful arched windows found at a recycling yard, giving both better light and more wall space. Both are actually cabinets with glass shelving in between, the shallower cabinet placed in the wall that backs on to the sunroom so that if Eve wants she can peek through from her room. 

After the "new" windows were placed we insulated the walls and ceilings and hung new plaster, which I then finished and painted. Unlike the living areas of the home we opted to lay a bamboo floor over the existing floorboards, the tiny size of the room made it a more economical choice than hiring the sander and painting them and adds another layer of insulation to the space, which is desperately needed in this old draughty house.

The room was then basically furnished for our lovely exchange students' stay and then fell idle for several months, I had plans of building a loft bed in the space to maximise storage and floor space for playing but at this point those plans were a little well lofty.

Once we realised that my old nursery bed (in storage at my mum's) would fit the small space well things began to progress again. We rescued it from the spiders in the shed and I took it home to paint it. A little note here for anyone admiring red paint, twice now I have painted things red and both times it has taken seven coats of paint to get decent coverage, for some reason red is a very finicky shade of paint.

We hung Eve's light in the centre of the room and to counter the low ceilings ran it as a swag across to the corner, I feel that it gives a little luxury to the bare bulb as well.  The linen curtain I made extra long and swagged to the side to mirror it's effect and soften the blockout blind which is hidden hanging upside-down in the window and cut to fit the arch (that was one tricky little solution to make but satisfying when it worked).

Next was storage, with space being at an absolute premium, the room is approximately 2.5 metres x 2.3 metres it was important to get adequate storage to keep the room clean at the same time as not crowding it with storage units. Her beautiful, heavy chest of drawers were found in a vintage furniture  store, Tyler built some awesome under bed boxes on wheels for toy storage, which I painted and made beaded handles for.  I added some adjustable rail shelving for shoes, special toys and the bits and pieces that inevitably collect around the room, and last was the hook to hold Eve's guitar over in her little nook.

Eventually I found a rug right for the space and colours, and importantly at the right price. The final, for now, touches were lovely blankets found on sale, an oversized painting to add a little drama and depth to the room and the soft woollen tassel mobile to dangle above the bedhead. The room is filled with a mix of already ours, secondhand, handmade fleshed out with a few beautiful new things to make it extra special.

None of the additions to Eve's room were sponsored but I have provided links in case they are helpful to anyone.

  • Wall Paint - Dulux White on White

  • Windows - Dulux Aquanamel Slightly Rose (half strength)

  • Door - Dulux Aquanamel in Tapioca (half strength)

  • Adjustable rail shelving - Handy Shelf at Bunnings

  • Bed - family heirloom refinished

  • Wolf and Crow painting - Oil on canvas by Lila Wolff

  • Golden Eye & Sun Kissed Blankets, velvet pillowcase and velvet beanbag - Kip and Co

  • Ladybird cushion - Handmade

  • Tassel mobile - Handmade

  • Underbed storage boxes - Handmade

  • Linen curtain - Handmade

  • NUD light fitting - Surrounding Australia

  • Afghan vegetable dyed rug - Temple and Webster

  • Drawers - Bennett's of Red Cliffs vintage store

  • Uprisings print - Kozyndan (purchased before Eve was born)

  • Floating print - Lauren Merrick purchased at Fine and Sunny

  • Cloud book manger - Go Home Jr. (purchased before Eve was born)

  • Valencia guitar - purchased for Eve's last birthday

There are a couple of touches that remain unfinished but I felt it was time to share the room all the same, after all a home is a living evolving space so it will never truly be done.  I'd love to add another Kip and Co blanket, the peach and red tartan from their current range would go beautifully with the smattering of red and pink through Eve's room, a nightlight will eventually happen, I have my eye on something extra special and her cute little window pots still await their plants.  But in the meantime it's a perfectly imperfect cosy nest for our fast growing girl.