Japanese Beauty Favourites - Shu Uemura Eyelash curlers

Shu Uemera eyelash curlers

While I didn't focus on shopping when we were in Japan I did take the opportunity to hunt down some beauty buys ranging from cult classics to things that sounded intriguing.  

I shared my favourites with you first the LuLuLun face sheets and now I'm sharing my completely inexperienced inexpert opinion of the much lauded Shu Uemera eyelash curlers, I bought both the classic and the s curlers, if you watch the video you'll see why ...

The details

Shu Uemera make two eyelash curlers a classic curler and what is called an S curler ( S for Small). Both feature a silver metal construction and silicone pads.

Shu Uemera curlers have a cult like following, right down to being mentioned in The Devil Wears Prada.

How do you use them?

Much like any other eyelash curler when open you set against your eye, get lashes in and squeeze for a few seconds. The classic curler only requires you do this once, maybe twice to get your lashes curled. With the S curler you need to work your way along the lash line to curl as you prefer.

Any Cons?

In the classic styler curler size (as I mentioned in the video) can be a challenge.

In the S curler the additional work and time that it takes could definitely be seen as a con but for me is offset by the additional control and lack of pinching my eyes that has happened with the original curler.

Will I buy them again / would I recommend them?

If you watched the video you'll know that the classic style curler was just too big to comfortably curl my lashes so it wouldn't be on my purchase list personally, but the S curler I would recommend no matter what size you are or how long your lashes are, it might be a little more work but the control it provides is absolutely worth it.

You can get yours without leaving the country or the house with plenty of online stockists and David Jones selling both models

In short if you have a petite face, small eyes, or prefer precision the S curler may be the better purchase for you. 

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