Flora, rhythm and change

Wilting, wilted. before the rain everything was getting burnt, burnt out.

For now it has settled in in a gentle constant rhythm. It's such a soothing sound and feeling. To hear the rhythm, to fall in with it's steady embrace. 

 Rhythm can be wonderful, hitting your stride moving through things steadily, but it can also become routine. If the rhythm is never changed or challenged, nothing new or beautiful is created. 

Fortunately with the rhythm, of rain at least, it can't last.  Things need to change to be appreciated, even if only subtly, after all we can't endure the floor falling out from under us forever.

We all need the unique rhythm that steadies us through our days, we also need to know when to break free from it. The idea of perfect that we're sold in glossy pictures, that steady rhythm that we're lulled into, not to challenge others, not to challenge ourselves or risk exclusion. Can have us steadily marching to our ends, and at our end achieving nothing.

Some people radically challenge life's rhythm, they poke at it risking and losing everything including their lives. It's important to make sure that changes things. 

It's important that with them, freedom of speech does not die, that we don't allow people to victim blame or intimate that being mocked is reason enough for someone to plan and carry out murderous attacks. Because that is the cover for their rage not the cause. 

To grow as human beings we need to be able to cope when we are challenged, our reaction should not be to wipe those challenging us from the face of the earth. Life is not a struggle for control of how the whole of humanity operates, it is a singular chance to revel in what we have and to leave things better than when we began. We may not like what others aim towards us or others, be that in the name of satire or religion, but brandishing a gun, threatening, maiming and murdering is not the way to change, not for the better. 

As the world increasingly seems unsteady, some days feeling like it has slipped off it's axis altogether it seems to me that it is time for us to strike a balance. Between soothing rhythms that help us face challenges and upturning them to challenge the horrors of the world. To not just share beautiful rebellious sentiments and images.

But to create our own.

Before we become too afraid to.

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