Gingernut crumb chicken burger

Another one of the recipes I've popped up on Instagram previously, these mini-burgers were created after a cooking show marathon on Netflix made me curious about trying to use biscuits in a different way.  I'm sure there are lower no-processed ways to get the same sweet crisp gingery coating but we don't always have to be hyper vigilant about our food, especially when it's made in bite size proportions.

makes four snack sized burgers

Gingernut crumb chicken burger


1 large Chicken breast
40 grams Gingernut biscuits
1 Gem Lettuce
Snowpea Sprouts
Perino Gold Tomatoes
Chevrette Cheese
4 Kaiser Rolls



Quarter chicken breast by first slicing in half lengthwise and then halving each of those pieces.
Pulse the ginger nut biscuits in blender until broken down to a fine crumb, roll chicken breast pieces in ginger nut crumb to coat.
Fry in a pan until crumb is crisp and chicken cooked through.
Lay thin slices of chevrette over chicken pieces and continue to cook until cheese has melted.
Layer lettuce and sliced perino tomatoes on rolls, top with chicken and snow pea sprouts.

Devour immediately