Happy New Year

Happy New Year's Eve

It's safe to say 2016 was a weird year, for me it was the year of unfulfilled plans. Many little projects started, most of which never came to fruition.  Of a high-stress return to being a working parent and the chaotic final year before our youngest child embarks on the education journey.

I could write a prose filled ode to 2017, of all the plans that I have and the creative goals I want to achieve. But if I'm going to learn anything from this year it's that it is far better to just quietly work away on the edges. That resolutions and even intention words seem to have the opposite effect than that desired.  

So I'm going to end this year being grateful that I don't have to live it again, grateful that all of the stress and strain are also really low level compared to the struggle of a year that many people have had; and importantly that I am alive and I get to step once more into the breech hoping that the turn of the earth and the tick of a clock hold the promise of better things to come.

Here's hoping your 2017 gets off to a joyful bang, and the promise of good things is thoroughly fulfilled.

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