Hello Monday - Finding content in the cold


The light has turned pallid and cold, our weekend spent seeking warmth and comfort. An oven running constantly baking beautiful things and staving off some of the many drafts this house has.  A kitchen now coated in traces of sticky residue from an overload of citrus experiments, with a mountain more waiting while I source jars.  New cakes have been created and eaten, and the temptation to burn through more mandarins by using them in place of clementines for my beautiful Clementine Chia Cake is likely to be given in to sooner rather than later.

The weekend passed too quickly, time spent in the car seeking inspiration and an escape, from a house that is often colder inside than it is outside.  Like an ice-box in winter and an oven in summer, each year I get a little further with insulating and it gets a little more bareable, but we're not there yet. This tiny creaky weatherboard with peeling paint may never quite be there, it wasn't built for the comfort we expect today.

But the solstice has passed and the days will slowly begin to stretch out again before us, inspiration will eventually be reborn as the sun warms my bones. While waiting comfort is found curling up under blankets, watching too many shows, drinking too many coffees and enjoying the cocoon that we can make from the dullness of winter, even in an old cottage with flaking paint and too much to get done to ever be finished.