Hello Monday - preparing for winter and adornment

Autumn already yields to winter; in truth where we live only seems to hold two seasons, fleeting days for Spring and Autumn quickly overtaken by scorching Summers and frost laden Winters.

Recent days brought the unfamiliar sounds of heavy rain, wonderfully washing away the dust and dirt, annoyingly winding its way through our old windows and roof. And so once the pounding rain gave way to the cold winds I've been preparing for Winter. Tending to gaps in windows with putty should there be more rain, cheap but heavier blinds added to our bedroom windows to keep some skerrick of heat inside. Layering beds with beautiful woolen blankets rescued from the op-shop by my loving mother-in-law, now keeping us cosy and toasty.

Make a home cosier for winter of course is not all about the practical tasks, dahlias spirited home from an early hours visit to the Farmer's Market add to the feeling of warmth with their boldly blushing petals lighting up a corner of the room.

Each day is now spent adding new layers and repairing old, hoping that the small progress we've made with renovating will make this old house just a bit more liveable through the frosts to come.