Here comes the rain again

The rain is here, cooling the atmosphere, washing away the dry fog that sat in my mind.

Initially pounding down, it slowed to a soft reassuring pitter patter during the night,. The kind that makes you want to sleep for days at a stretch, never leaving your nest of tangled sheets.  I think I could sleep for days, years of exhaustion weighing down on me and compounded by the summer heat.

But instead I sit here tapping away with the sounds of water splashing passing traffic, making a soft little symphony. Glimpsing an eddy of swirling insects hover over the dewy lawn. Enjoying the warmth of the coffee cup in my hands, feeling all my neurons flicker and my synapses sputter to life in response.

Alone in my early morning reverie, while the rest of the family easily slumber for the first time in days.

Not at all alone as life springs forward for the first time in days.  

LifeLila WolffArt & Soul, 52