In and around Los Angeles - El Matador Beach

As I mentioned in my previous post, fully dried and sand dusted off we bundled into the car, put the top down and headed along the winding coastal roads to El Matador Beach. 

We arrived about an hour before low tide, along with everyone else to wait for the waters to ebb and the tide pools to be revealed. 


Despite the heart racing dash across the freeway and long walk, followed by further proof that I am unfit in struggling down the cliff hugging stair cases, and the busy nature of the place it was still somehow quite serene.  

I guess that's the magic of a calm ocean lapping up the beach and the wonder of rock formations, covers and arches all revealed by the low waters. 


We explored the length that was accessible so far dodging maternity shoots and film crews with sump pumps, Eve happily scrambling over rocks and writing in the sand.  


Then as we were about to settle in and wait for optimal tide pool time, she had to go to the toilet.

Did I mention they were back up the top of the cliff face stair case? 

So with that and the prickling sensation of developing sun burn we packed up and headed home to our hotel, toilet stop along the way and tide pools to be forever unrevealed to our eyes.