In and around Los Angeles - Hollywood

Our hotel in Hollywood was cheap and cheerless, it was clean and the staff weren't unpleasant, but certainly nothing to write home about unless a clear view of In-n-out Burger is high on your list of must haves.

But, it was walking distance to Hollywood Boulevard, and all the gritty urbanity of the tourist Mecca that was once I imagine something a little different, but then that may just be nostalgic fantasy. 


Owing to the perfect proximity we were able to walk the area several times and spy little hidden highlights, the elephant defiantly reaching for the skyline at the Egytian Theatre, doors down from the TCL (formerly Graumann's) Chinese Theatre.  Or staircases that looked like a Giants marble encase piano linking the two areas together.


On a day where all the functionality I could muster was flopping in the oddly squishy bed and lapsing in and out of a travel coma, the distance was perfect for Tyler to take Eve to El Capitan theatre to see Beauty and the Beast which featured Belle making an appearance before the show and confetti cannons. 


Along Sunset we were also able to amble down to the Megalithic Amoeba Records, where had I had one to, I could have spent a fortune on weird vinyls to bring home. 


There was plenty to see and do, of course there is anywhere is you look hard enough, though Hollywood may not be somewhere you want to look too hard, its dirty cigarette butt encrusted celebrity stars lined with people desperate for change, yours or any that might bring them some comfort. 

Hollywood, it's a place people fall in love with, although after visiting I think that it may actually be a mass case of Stockholm Syndrome.