In and around Los Angeles - The Griffith Observatory

On our final full day in Los Angeles we made the trek up to the Griffith Observatory. A stunning building located high above the urban sprawl and chaos, where you can take a breath and soak it all in, from far enough away to appreciate the monumental nature of it all. 


We arrived early before it opened and shuffled up the hill and through the crowd and past a sketchy looking "Cookie Monster" to find shade for me to throw my already heat stressed skin under. 


We perched for some time on the steps to the most stunning piece of architecture I saw in our entire trip. While others come for amazing facts on stars, galaxies and all things astronomy, I was far more in love with the building itself. 


The iron detailed doors, stunning sculptures and painted ceilings, housing little worlds within.  I disinterestedly sat in a theatre to watch a mini documentary on the building and somehow fell more in love. The mammoth effort not only in originally building the observatory but in lifting it high in the air to excavate beneath to add more space for displays and theatres to continue building on Griffith's dream to educate the public on the stars that fascinated him, without ruining the grace and integrity of the space.


We spent hours lingering, while the kids were not so interested or engaged as either of the adults, maybe one day they'll think of the place in fondness. Or at least appreciation that the places we attempted to share with them were more fulfilling than hot vinyl car seat filled coastal holidays where a stop at the Bega factory was the highlight, or maybe they won't, who knows?