In and Around Los Angeles - The LA Rams

It was a stinking hot Sunday, and it was also the Rams first game back in this rickety stadium after returning from a 20 0dd year move to St Louis. 

Our seats were in the nosebleed section, and given the vertigo I got from observing the downward slant of the stadium for the first time I truly understood that idiom. 

To celebrate the Rams return to being Californian, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers opened for the game, wearing Jerseys and Anthony Kiedis' bizarre mustache, playing their hearts out in the blazing sun. 


Californians aren't ones to have their plans dialed down by the heat it seems, with much insane pyrotechnics and fireworks blazing before during and after the game. 


The game was slow, and for me a little like watching people playing chess if you don't understand the rules, which incidentally I don't for either NFL of Chess.  

It's a far more tactical and strategic game than AFL but perhaps not as viscerally pleasing and the hard kick and contact filled Australian game is to watch. (I know my husband feels very differently about it than I do, and I'm sure a post from him would be much more informative than it is from me). 


I spent much of the game huddled under my expensive newly acquired Rams merch of a hat and sweat towel, desparately re-sunscreening and flagging down the $7 lemonades whenever they came past in the hope of avoiding sunstroke. Listening to Seahawks fans, one of whom had a screech more annoying than it would be if an actual Seahawks sat behind me, hearing them go from confident they would win and happy with the referees calls, to bagging their team into the ground and observing that "they don't even like football anyway". To seeing the camaraderie and kindness across supporters of both sides doing their best to enjoy a once in a lifetime event in a stadium slowly disintegrating (knowing that they'll be waiting a time yet for the shiny new one to materialise). 

And while it just isn't my thing, it was absolutely beautiful.