In the winter chill

Firmly planted in the midst of chilly winter days everything seems dormant or dead. Illustrated perfectly by this city fringed with bare winter vines; some rolled neatly like hair braided at a slumber party for flora, others dropping leaves to skitter up and down the rows in icy winds.

This mid-winter malaise hangs over my writing, my art, and especially over this little space.  I look back to see how far I've come since I've started, six years ago, from hastily snapped very ordinary images to a fast paced 2014 and now semi-dormant. Like these oasis city vines, drying fruit hanging pendulously from  them, leaves blooming in fits and spurts before they're pruned back and rolled on to breathe before springs' new growth.

I'm not sure where this little space fits anymore, I no longer prune and weave its branches back into neat little rows, perhaps I should, pruning a vine to fit a niche is a strategy borne out for those that want to grow.
With people apparently searching for smaller more digestible snippets in their feeds, each space it's own little easily swallowed capsule like some space age astronauts' mental meal, rather than blossoming rambling organic grapevines.

The advice for those wanting to grow, to be seen blooming, is as abundant as crunchy leaves on winter footpaths. Write more words, write less words, be everywhere, choose only those platforms you adore, take your time, hurry up, it's all sounding a bit angstily familiar.  Could it be the competitiveness, the popularity contest that has come with the increased popularity of blogging and social media, causing a de ja vu connection between online life and high-school. 

You hear whispers, people wondering where the community and chatter is going, other platforms? Somewhere else?  Is blogging dead, or just deep in its own winter.

Often I wonder if the conversation is withering and drying on spaces too harshly pruned, spaces that are as impersonal as a magazine, as omni-directional as having a conversation with a wall, segregation and compartmentalisation encouraging a 2 dimensional response to a multi-dimensional space.

Or it could just be me, feeling the winter cold.