Indoor sun

What felt like only moments after our wintery walk, the sun came waltzing in ablaze bringing 40 plus highs and 20 degree lows.

Eve and I made our way to the Farmer's Market earlier than usual, piling in to the car at 7:30 am wading through a balmy 30 degree heat that was climbing steadily.   I parked far away as always, enjoying a riverbank stroll to the market, fleetingly regretting that choice on the return trip being weighed down by four kilos of luscious  grapes, dozens of perfect fresh eggs and a bag brimful of veggies. 

But it was hard to remain bothered by a sweaty stroll when unloading our delicious haul at home and finding a vase for the stunning sunflowers; their teddy bear fuzzy brown centres, extending it's bronze tone on through the petals giving way to happy yellow petal tips. The house itself was dark and dreary by necessity, extra layers over windows attempting to keep the sun and it's pelting heat outside.

Still I had managed to safely bring the sun indoors with us.