Japanese Beauty Favourites - Isehan Make me Heroine Mascara

The details

The lengthily named Isehan Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara (super waterproof), definitely fulfils all the promises contained in that name, well apart from making me a heroine but you know that's a big ask for mascara!

This mascara beautifully coats my fine eyelashes, with the curved fine bristle brush separating them well and retaining the curl I had put in earlier using the Shu Uemura S curler.  It's long lived and the raven black is a beautiful deep black which is great for visually lengthening lighter eyelashes like mine.

The mascara remover is brilliant at quickly softening and removing the mascara making light work of taking an otherwise unbudging product off at night.

How do you use it?

Like any other mascara, open and apply, remember not to pump the wand up and down into the bottle as it will only shorten the life of your mascara. The curved wand makes it super easy to get in tight at the lash line and sweep the product up to coat your lashes. Don't forget if you're layering two to three coats to do so immediately, move on to the other eye only when you've finished the first or you'll be in for an uncomfortable bout of layering.

The mascara remover is similar to the mascara but with a rigid brush, just take a few passes at the eyelashes and then wipe away the dissolved mascara with a tissue or cotton pad, super simple!

Any Cons?

While this mascara is buildable you need to work on one eye at a time as the lashes dry rock hard making it very uncomfortable to drag the brush through them once dry.

If you don't have the patience for using a specialised mascara remover or oil you're going to dislike removing this mascara.

Will I buy them again / would I recommend them?

Absolutely, the mascara gives great lasting coverage with no clumping and really is SUPER waterproof. The remover makes it gentle and easy to remove making these my go to Mascara duo.  Unless something comes along that impresses me more, and I doubt it will, this is going to be my high rotation mascara for some time.