Japanese Beauty Favourites - LuLuLun Face Sheets

Lu Lu Lun Face Sheets moisture balance

If there's one thing that almost all of us suffer from when travelling on a long haul flight it's dry skin caused by recycled air and dehydration.  Which is why these LuLuLun face sheets were one of the first Japanese beauty products I hunted down on our recent holiday; and while I wasn't quite bold enough to slip them on my face during the return flight (which I had seen recommended) I have used them every night since we settled back in at our home.

Not dehydrated from travelling? Let's face it with Winter over, you probably don't need to have been on a plane to need a little extra nourishment right now. 

While I strongly favour natural skin care these face sheets were one of the Japanese beauty products I knew I wanted to get my hands on after seeing them pop up over and over again on beauty blogs and websites.  The story goes that face sheets were invented by Geishas who originally used scraps of silk soaked in camellia oil, something that would be a great DIY if you had either of those products handy and wanted to ignore my advice to just buy these amazingly skin nourishing sheets instead.

The details

LuLuLun face sheets come in either sample size bags of seven sheets or in boxes like these, the quantity of masks varies according to which type of mask. These moisture balance face sheets (in the pink packaging) have 42 sheets in a box but the brightening type has 32.  

There are three main versions of the face sheets the Pink - Moisture Balance, Blue - High Moisture and White - Brightening. There are also a variety of limited edition sheets to choose from.   The pink which I've chosen are oil and fragrance free.  The sheets are a decent thickness and have plenty of give when you move them around so I can't imagine that there would be any problems with them tearing.

Purchased at Kirindo Health and Beauty these masks cost me around 17.50 AUD for the box, to buy on Amazon they are around twice the price, although Rakutan Global Market seems to be more in line with the price I originally paid (shipping notwithstanding) 

How do you use them?

My routine for using these sheets couldn't be easier.

  1. Remove all make-up and pin hair off face.

  2. Using clean hands take a sheet from the box and spread over face, manoeuvring the eye, nose and mouth holes to their correct spots, trust me when I say it's not a pleasant sensation if you accidentally inhale part of mis-placed face sheet!

  3. Gently press the mask down to make sure it's covering your skin.

  4. Lay back for 10-15 minutes and enjoy the cool moisturising sensation.

  5. Remove mask and rub the moisture left behind into your face (I also rub it into my neck)

See super easy to add into your bed-time routine!

Any Cons?

I have read complaints about the masks having holes that are too big, particularly for the mouth but to be honest being on the small side myself I really didn't notice it being any worse than other one size fits all products. I just gently prod the masks into position so that they cover all of my skin, it really doesn't matter if they have  creases or folds in them, the main thing is getting the moisture onto your skin.

The only real thing I have trouble with is that as soon as the mask is on my face Eve decides she wants my attention. But I'm pretty sure that's a four year old thing, not a nice face treatment thing. 

Will I buy them again / would I recommend them?

These sheets are absolutely lovely, on they feel soothing, after my skin feels soft and supple and seems to have plumped from hydration.  And I'm not the only one to have noticed the difference, my husband has (completely unprompted) commented several times on how much great my skin is looking.

So yes, even if I have to pay twice the original price and exorbitant postage prices then I will be buying LuLuLun face sheets again, they've already become a staple in my rather meagre beauty routine.

In short I am loving LuLuLun and I think you will too!