Lila draws on walls

Happy New Year + Happy New blog.

It seems strange to be writing an introduction, although this space is new I've been blogging for 5 and a half years now.

This new space is about exploring the things I love and somehow left behind in confusion last year, my thoughts, images, art and sharing the beauty in everyday life. It has my name so that no matter how much it and I change it will still fit, and I like to change often especially hair colours.  I could tell you lots about me, and if you have known me before this space I probably have. 

Each day I hope to leave a little something to share with you here, it might be images, words, another film, or new things entirely (and there are many new things on their way this year).

But for now, so you can get to know a little about the actual real Lila, here's a video that tells you lots and almost nothing at the same time, because that is very much the real Lila. 

Part way through creating my prickly pear cactus on our bedroom wall I decided I should film the process. It only shows a small section of the work because the work itself was commenced on a whim, as all my favourite things are. I'm not a planner when it comes to creating it stifles the outcome for me.

A little about how I am running this blog

You may have noticed that I have a shop tab up there, please pop in and check it out.  It's my aim for to remain an ad free space as we are so often bombarded by advertising it would be nice to keep a little space free of them for us all. The shop is my way of hopefully both supporting the costs of running this blog and in supporting me improving my art and skills. If you know anyone you think would love my image of the month or a subscription to it please send them the link.  

I hope to add other products to the store over the year but that will depend on the success of the Image of the Month concept.

You might also notice that all my vimeo films have tip jar activated, while I don't expect anyone to donate it's another way that you can support keeping this space ad free. 

On commenting:

Comments are a conversation, I love to hear your thoughts even when they challenge mine I love to discuss the minutiae of life with you.

My policy is and has always been feel free to disagree but make sure you do it respectfully, anyone that in my opinion is doing otherwise will be dealt with and served a large heaping of disdain.

So welcome to a taste of what's to come here in 2015, and to joining me in kicking down the walls.

I plan to be back every day, I hope you will too.