Low, High or DIY - Body Scrubs for Mother's Day

Please note this is NOT a sponsored post

Mother's Day is fast approaching, and being so close to my birthday I've been pondering some different gift ideas for our Mums this Mother's Day.  While I know that many of us love our Mums to pieces our purses aren't always up to showing that through lavish gifts, of course other years we can splash out which is why this gift guide is called Low, High or DIY. I'm bringing together three options to show your Mama she's loved wherever you fit on the budget spectrum.


Are mum's kisses on the forehead when you felt down one of your treasured childhood memories?

This delicious Mint Julep lip scrub from Lush will keep her lips soft and give you a unique way of saying thank-you for always being there when you needed comfort.  It's an absolute steal at $9.95.

Image via Lush


If there is one place that I relax the second I walk in the door it is Endota Spa, there's no better way to get mum to leave all her worries and chores behind than by booking her in for the Smooth - Sugar Body Scrub and Moisturise body treatment an hour and 15 minutes of exfoliating bliss for $140, or go all out and add an hour massage for an extra $100.

Endota Spa

Image via Endota



If there's any holiday where handmade = love it's Mother's Day and this super easy scrub means that it's not too late as long as you have five minutes before you bring mum her present!  It's easy, fresh and smells like heaven, not to mention is super gentle and a great way to ensure mum's skin is kept soft and supple over winter.


  • 1/4 cup Coconut Oil
  • 1 tablespoon fresh Mint
  • 1 tablespoon Cacao
  • 6 tablespoons Brown Sugar


Wash and finely chop fresh mint. 
Place mint, sugar & cacao in bowl and mix.
Liquify coconut oil, pour over and mix.
Place in sealable container, keep sealed until ready to use.

Note: Coconut Oil will re-solidify at cool temperatures, you can gently heat the scrub again before using, or scoop some out with a spoon and rub over your body in the shower, the scrub will soon melt.


What do you like to do for your mum for Mother's Day?