Morning sights, sounds and of course thoughts

morning sights, sounds and of course thoughts via Lila Wolff

The little miss had her first ever sleep over last night, this morning that means the house to myself and my thoughts.

A long silent bath alone with them.

A short walk to the store with them, past the quiet morning streets. Through the heavy scent of incense drifting through the door of the grocery store, and the wafting yeasty aroma of the bakery fluttering through the heavy plastic strips waving in it's doorway. If only I could capture scents and trap them here to share with you.

Into the temporary store that houses the heart of the store that burned down last year, just next door to all the drilling and thuding as it is finally re-built.  I fumble through the magazine racks, looking for something with images to feed my soul, you can still find them there if you look hard enough. 

and then of course back home, the longer way, around and doubling back down the alley, peering through fences and backs of stores lined with construction barriers. Back home again and into the silence with my loud thoughts, soothed by a stretch on the bed with a coffee and something new to look at.

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