New year, new look - Maybelline Colorblur (I like to Mauve it)

Maybelline Colorblur I like to Mauve it solid

I've probably stated multiple times already I'm no beauty buff, I'm far too distractible to focus long enough to perfect a contour (aren't I glad that seems to have faded out of popularity).

But every now and again places like Pinterest pique my interest and I have to try a new to me product or technique, yesterday I stumbled across images of Maybelline Colourblur, promising to get that cool faded / blurred lip look that I've been noticing pop up.

I was actually hoping to get "I'm Blushing" but that doesn't seem to be stocked locally (which isn't unusual we get a very limited run of anything newish here).  I came away from the shops with "I like to Mauve it" which I was worried would live up the the mauve in it's name, I'm not a huge fan of purple shades.

Maybelline Colorblur I like to mauve it blended

I've found it to be a fairly pink colour, at least on me, the first image shows the colour used as a solid.

The second shows it after I tried the colorblur effect.  Before I put the lip pencil on I used some paw paw ointment coat my really dry lips, my skin has really gone to crap being under constant air conditioning  lately. 

Its definitely a subtle, sweet look with the colorblur tool, but I think to get a real contrast I either need a stronger colour or to lay a nude tone down first to take the natural pinkness of my lips out.


Maybelline colorblur application

The technique is quite simple, coat the lips with a moisturising balm first (maybelline recommend baby lips, but I found the paw paw ointment worked fine).

Then fill the centre of your lips in with the pencil and use the smudged to blend the colour outwards and done, easy enough for the most unfocused among us! 

A super easy way to play with a new lip look for the new year.