Past posts present - The story of some boots

This post was originally published on my previous blog

When a relationship is new, and things are right, there's that lovely bubbly love. The kind where you really only think about each other and the now. Things stick to the present tense and you may fleetingly fantasise about the future, or ponder your past before this, but you're firmly rooted in the now. New relationships inadvertently breed present people.  

 But when the stars truly line up, being present blossoms into mindfulness.

You both talk visions of the future.  

You still do the fun things, the road trips, the concerts and dinners. But you do them knowing whether you're headed in the same direction, as much as anyone can control that.

In those beautiful early days you might stroll hand in hand into a recycled clothing store, and see a tiny pair of cowboy boots. And even though you've only been together for a matter of weeks, you agree that they need to come home with you both. Ready to wait for little feet to fill them.

The boots travel with you in the following years, in and out of packing boxes from house to house, waiting. 

Eventually tiny feet arrive for those boots to fill, and those boots don't seem so little anymore. 

So the boots wait a few years more, until the little feet and the boots can wait no longer. Even though the feet are still too small, or the boots too big. She fills them with her joy and her spirit. 

That early presence and mindfulness finding its reward in a pair of scuffed up boots and a beautiful pair of feet to fill them.