Preserved lemons with rosemary

The problem with having to strip your lemon tree bare, besides the obvious problem of what to do with all of these lemons, is of course that once these prematurely picked lemons are used that's it for the year (possibly longer). The last thing I want to be doing is going to the supermarket and buying those lemons that have come from who knows how far and are who knows how old. 

So what to do with a decent chunk of the lemons that are suddenly on my hands?  I could freeze them but space in our tiny freezer is at a premium so that's not as practical as it is divinely simple.  After looking around I settled on trying my hands at preserving lemons, some I've preserved without herbs but knowing that many of them will be used to season things like roast chicken I thought adding the rosemary would provide an uncomplicated flavour twist when the time comes to use them.


  • Eight lemons
  • Salt
  • Two sprigs Rosemary


Sterilise a 1/2 litre sealable jar.
Finely slice four lemons.
Sprinkle salt into bottom of jar.
Add layer of lemons pushing down to release juice.
Repeat in alternate layers until jar is half full.
Add a sprig of rosemary and then continue lemon and salt layers until jar is full.
Juice remaining four lemons and pour into jar to fill.
Seal and store in a dark place for three weeks before using. Rinse excess salt from lemons before using.

Best Served: 

After leaving the lemons alone in the dark for three weeks use in your favourite moroccan dish, or to season a roast. Just remember to rinse the excess salt off first or you'll be puckering up from more than the citrus!

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