Pretty as a peach cobbler

I may not always know whether my heart is in blogging or living a life on social media, but I do know that my heart is always in it when it comes to food.

Almost always I make recipes from nowhere, inspired by the ingredients or the appealing sound of a combination. But sometimes like yesterday, when I had been craving peaches for three days and dreaming of Smitten Kitchen's Crispy Peach Cobbler for two, I take a recipe and make it my own. I'm almost completely incapable of copying a recipe verbatim, there's always a change here and a tweak there once cooking gets underway.

My version, isn't the intriguingly crispy version promised over at smitten kitchen, but it is gluten & dairy free, beautifully peachy and maybe, just maybe what I ate for breakfast this morning...

peach cardamon cobbler


3 large yellow Peaches
Seeds from one Cardamon pod
55 grams Nuttelex + 1 tablespoon
2/3 cup Dark Brown Sugar + 1 tablespoon
100 grams Besan (chickpea flower)
1/2 cup Soy Milk (or Almond)
1 tsp Vanilla Extract


Preheat oven to 170c
Remove seeds from peaches and slice in fairly thin wedges.
Arrange a layer of peach slices in bowl. Dot 1 tablespoon each of nuttelex & brown sugar through peaches; then crush cardamon seeds and sprinkle through. Layer remaining peach slices on top.
In a mixing bowl add remaining ingredients and mix on a med-high setting for two minutes.
Spread over peaches and place dish in oven to bake for 20-25 minutes, taking care not to scorch the top (like I did).

peach cobbler

Best Served:

Slightly cooled with a side of whipped coconut cream, or sneakily the next morning with a coffee once the kids are off to school.

pretty as a peach cobbler
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