Prickly pear

I have mixed feelings about the death of these beautiful strong plants.

 There used to be a lot of prickly pears around town, but of course as an invasive species they are being eradicated again by the release of cactoblastis moths. Part of me feels that anything that can survive the summers here deserves to be left to thrive.

I adore the structure of them, their yellow green chalky hues, their self defence system. I think if I was a plant I'd likely be a cactus, sometimes I'd like to be a ruffly peony but I'm sure I'm more of a cactus.  

A peony is soft delicate and popular in it's feminine beauty, it's not doing any damage except perhaps to peony lover's wallets. 

But a cactus is unconventionally beautiful in it's tenacity and ability to survive and conquer, not loved by many, but adored by some, and of course incredibly prickly.

I'm a cactus and I really don't mind.

What type of plant would you be?

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